Earth Day

Ryan International School, Sector 31, Gurugram earnestly follows the visionary ideals of their Respected Chairman Sir, Dr A.F Pinto all through the year. This year while being in lockdown at home due to the global corona virus pandemic this was not an exception.

Under the vision, “Environment”, the school organized some competitions for students in which they participated while being at home to commemorate “Earth day”.


The Earth Day is a day to showcase environmental education, highlight the efforts and commitment to our mother nature and engage the whole student community in making a difference. Students from Classes I to V participated in a slogan writing competition on the Topic ‘Earth Day’, Classes VI to VIII observed the day through a Drawing/Painting Competition on the theme ‘How to Save Earth from different Pollution’ and the senior wing i.e. Classes IX and X participated in an Essay and Poetry Writing Competition with the Topic ‘Earth Day’.


The creative pieces were sent to the respective class teachers for appreciations. To make a difference sitting at home the students were also asked to plant a sapling in any waste or unused container or pot by stem-cutting methods. The students were also urged to sow seeds of general vegetables like tomato, chilly, black grams, coriander etc for regular home use purpose. These activities brought them much more close to nature during this lockdown phase.


School Head Ms N. Geeta Srinivasa congratulated all the participants who being at home during this lockdown phase tried to do something different as guided by their mentors who had given them the beautiful vision of protecting the environment. She also stated that every person has a duty to cooperate with the state organs in protecting and conserving the environment and to ensure ecologically sustainabledevelopment.


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  1. Amrita says:

    Ryan International Schools have done a commendable job to make the Earth green. Sensitising children towards environment is the responsibility of parents and teachers.

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